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Paragliding.community was formed by paraglider pilots for the pilots. Our aim is to create a convenient and yet well recognised auction based platform for purchasing, selling air sports equipment and offer other services in connection with the same.

Whether you have an old paraglider or need new wind sock, new funky paragliding t-shirt or just a tea cup for those missearable non flying days - you should be able to find it here.

OUR MISSION is to have all manufacturers, individual buyers and sellers, training centres, coaches, event and travel organisers, repair services in one place to serve our paragliding community.

We aim to have the global coverage and therefore, you will be able to perhaps find a local glider repairs center when next tear is discovered on your paragliding trip to Spain, France, Morroco or really anywhere.

THE AIM is to endevour to contact and atract all physical and organisational entities that have anything to do with our air sports to participate and have their presence on our site.

KNOWLEDGE BASE should give you all the information on practically everything that is being currently produced for the sport. Should you have any further suggestions to add to any area of the site, we will consider it and add to our paragliding.community.

This is what paragliding community is set out to achive.

We need all of you onboard to create a biggest community of them all.