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27/11/2013 By cipkalo 0

Company‘s Intro:

paragliding.community has been around since 2014. In this time we have established a successful company that takes care of paragliding pilots in several ways. We are fully vetted by BHPA – British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association as a dual tandem pilot school, CP ground handling training and commercial tandem operation. We also organise training and holidays abroad.

We are very proud to have been appointed as exclusive dealers for one of the most prominent brands in the world – Papillon Paragliders Gmbh. based in Germany.

Papillon has designed and manufactured some of the best wings in their category today and prides themselves with outstanding safety records and high-quality standards.




My name is Sasha CIPKALO and I am CAEI (Chief Air Experience Instructor) of paragliding.community. I started with paragliding in 2005 and had few instructors on the way to becoming a better pilot today.

On this journey, I was given non-airworthy, out of size, out of skills paragliders to learn and fly on them. I did not recognise at the time, like many of you today, the implications to my safety and in fact my life with the peril that I was dealing with. Luckily, it all went well apart from few bruises and of course hurting the ego and pride. Sounds a familiar story so far?!

What I have learned is that the importance of understanding the gliders is paramount and that their choice lies exclusively within me. The instructors, coaches and dealers are there to help you choose the RIGHT ONE for your size, abilities, skills, plans and of course your persona i.e. colour preferences. In that often we fail. Because we, as any other business have to function with the economy on our side so we might have given you a little more than what you need and can cope with. The decision has to be with you. Test as many gliders as you can – get the RIGHT ONE. My company has partnered with one of the largest paragliding schools in the world that helps in the creation of thousands of thinking pilots per year. With their immense experience and desire for achieving the highest possible safety standards in the industry, Papillon Paragliders have created a line of paragliders that are looking after YOU, YES YOU!!! – the PILOT. SAFETY is Number One!!! Please pick the right glider for you! In the meanwhile, you are welcome to come and test ours!